cicCartuja Centro de Investigaciones Científicas de la cartuja

Rules for Reservation

  1. For the first access, users must complete an access form and send it to the person in charge of each service.

      To find the corresponding access form and contact details, go to equipment menu.

  2. Once authorized, users will be provided with a username and password to access the computer controlling the equipment.

  3. Signed-up users will handle their following reservations through an online application.

  4. External users should contact the corresponding person in charge by email. Find contact details here.

  5. Users shall inform as soon as possible if they will not be able to use a reservation. Along with the person in charge, users will try to arrange another date/time or if possible exchange with another user.

  6. Reservations cannot be modified, without prior authorization from the person in charge and for a reasonable cause.  

  7. Unused reservations without reasonable justification shall be charged to the user, except for unavoidable incidents or force majeure.