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General Rules for Access and Use

  1. For the first access, fill the BIP User Form to get approval for the use of the Platform (fillable pdf at the end of this page). This form should also be signed by the Principal Investigator of the project you are working.
  2. Once for each Research Group, the Principal Investigator has to fill the BIP Project Form (fillable pdf at the end of this page). This helps us in the process of invoicing and also some information is given to facilitate us the elaboration of further research memories.
  3. Send completed forms via e-mail to the responsible at bip(at)ciccartuja(dot)es
  4. The equipment can be used in a self-service mode or, when possible, in a technical staff-assisted mode.
  5. The responsible of each service will assess if training is needed for users who are interested in the self-service mode. In this context, training courses on the use of the techniques available at the BIP will be organized. To access the equipment in self-service mode, it is essential to prove the necessary training or attend the above mentioned training courses.
  6. Once authorized, self-service users will be provided with a username and password to access the computer controlling the equipment. Users must follow the specific Use Rules for each equipment, to ensure its optimum performance.
  7. Technical staff-assisted users must complete a Sample Submission Form with information of samples and experiments to be performed for each service. Users must send the completed form and samples to the responsible.
  8. Projects aimed at determining 3D structures and Biomolecular interactions will be given priority in the shifts for access.
  9. Accessories, consumables and operating expenses shall be borne by the users. If possible for individual use, users will be liable for the cost. If not possible, costs will be calculated on a pro rata basis for the time of use of the equipment.
  10. The pricing will be established in accordance with current rates. If the user belongs to cicCartuja, costs will be charged to the internal account number (CSIC) or organic number (US) provided in the BIP Project Form. If the user is external, cicCartuja will issue the corresponding official invoice.
  11. Users are responsible for the integrity of their own results. The platform will not be responsible for doing back-ups of data obtained by users.